Adwords Balance

Recycle your Adwords accounts

I will buy all your Google Adwords accounts which cost you money

It is possible even if you entered a promocode before. In any quantity. Permanently.



1) You collect the id of all accounts through the MCC you want to sell.

Do not enter them through your login and password from one computer!

If they just have your username and password and are not attached to the MCC, then we will not take them.

Make sure that they are not blocked (the message about the ban is placed at the top inside each account profile - open them only from the MCC)

Do not delete your old campaigns / ad groups / announcements / keywords from them.

We do not need such information and are not interested in it because we will not use it,

But without this data accounts are useless. We need working accounts.

Do not delete your payment information!

Without it we won't buy your account, too. The reason is if we enter new payment information, the account will be new and useless.

Make sure all the campaigns ended 3-4 months ago.

We do not buy younger accounts, or we buy them much cheaper.

2) You send us the id of all accounts you want to sell (starting with 10 max) through 

VK, Telegram, WhatsApp, or trough any other convenient messenger for you.

3) I ask you for an access to these accounts through my MCC and give feedback to you - "requested".

4) You go in every sale account to "Settings"> "Linked accounts"

5) Then go to every account you sell in "Account Access"

6) First on the right click "Accept Request", then on the left  give the administrator rights

7) You send me a message about the fact that you accepted the requests. 

I check accounts for bans and other violations.


I will pay for your accounts through credit card or any other way online (Payeer, Webmoney, etc).

10 accounts =  from 50 USD / 40 EUR

100 accounts =  from 500 USD / 400 EUR

Everybody is happy :)


After a while

 I apply to you again (usually in 1-2 days) with a request to sell 10 more accounts. (maybe more)

 And we repeat our algorithm.


Terms of purchase accounts:

Age of account is not less than 3-4 months.

If the age is less, the price of account decreases.

Campaigns are not deleted.

Without the old campaigns, the meaning of the purchase is lost. We do not use any data of your old campaigns!

Payment details have not been deleted.

If we enter new payment information, the account will be new and useless.

Only MCC - you can't log in to your account by using your login and password!

If you used promotional Google adwords’ codes or coupons, or you have a lot of old used accounts, or perhaps you just deleted them from your MCC so they wouldn't take up space, now you have an opportunity to earn extra money by simply selling it to us!


Why do you need it?

For arbitration. Less is the probability of a ban.

What if you take your accounts and cheat me instead of paying?

And a man who suddenly suggested buying up garbage from your house for 300 rubles for a bag will run away with these bags at the time of transfer?

Why do not you want to buy blocked accounts?

Because they are blocked.

What if I "twist" ads in Google Adwords through coupons and I have a bunch of such accounts on an ongoing basis?

Excellent! This landing is just made for you to work with us long and happily :)

What if I only have a few such accounts and in the long run there will not be many?

Also not bad, earn money and know where to apply when they appear. Plus, we can suggest how to test a lot of different niches cheaper and at the same time you will have such accounts that we will gladly pick up for 300 rubles.

Why I can not delete campaigns if you do not need them?

Because we do not fill in NEW campaigns, but EDIT old ones. Because if you delete the campaign, then it makes no sense to buy an account at all. If you add new ad groups to the old workflow, then Google has more trust in this campaign than it does for the newly created ad groups. It turns out that the value is not in the accounts themselves, but in the campaigns. But if we immediately offer to buy up "old campaigns" you will not understand us at all and we will confuse you very much.

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